Lubing Lit

Lubing Lit
  • Nipple drinking systems for all poultry
  • Systems with or without dripcups
  • Easy and thorough to clean and to disinfect
  • Accurate regulation of water delivery with on line pressure regulator
  • Medicating and vaccinating with medicator pump

Nipple drinking systems:

  • Full range of nipples covering all poultry
  • Thick wall square PVC drinker tube for solid and accurate nipple position
  • Drinkline supported either by galvanised tube or aluminium profile
  • Nipple spacing variable, standard 12, 15, 18 or 24 nipples per sectie (3,65 m) Deviations on request
  • Drinking system winched
  • Suitable for mounting of anti perch wire


  • Depending on type of nipple applied, use of dripcups is recommended
  • Dripcups prevent water spillage when using high flow nipples, herewith safe guarding litter quality
  • Easy access to nipple thanks to one-armed dripcup design

Sowa round drinker:

  • Maintenance free plastic product, suitable for broilers, rearing, pullets, layers and breeders
  • Highly efficient water supply through 10 mm inside diameter water supply tube, preventing blockage by medication
  • Design and choice of material allow easy and efficient cleaning

Chick fount:

The chick fount of 3 or 5 liter consist of two polyethylene parts and are very suitable for one day old chicks

Water pressure regulator:

For drinking lines > 65 mtr. midline pressure regulators are recommended Guarantees correct water pressure and water delivery


  • Endset consists of transparant vent tube and flushing valve
  • Water pressure can be checked from vent tube

Water control panel:

Complete with water meter, pressure regulator with gauges, ? lter and by-pass
Connection for medicato

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