Multifan Galvanised cone fan

Multifan Galvanised cone fan


Through the aerodynamic design of the Multifan 130, Vostermans Ventilation can offer the market a fan with high air volumes (45.600 m³/h at 0 Pa) with a very low power consumption (36,9 W/1000 m³/h). Tunnel or length ventilated houses demand, through higher product performances higher quantities of fresh air at low cost.


  • Designed to allow minimal air losses
  • The blades are especially 3-dimensionally shaped providing a maximal air performance of the fan
  • Low noise level
  • High air flow with minimal effort
  • Durability as an asset
  • Materials resistant against aggressive climates
  • Easy to clean for optimal hygiene
  • For higher pressures in poultry- or pig farms (from 60-100 Pa) a 5-blade Multifan 130 is available
  • Available with cone fan and with shutter on the inside, providing further possibilities for increasing the airflow capacity


  • Controllable with frequency controller
  • CE-wire guard
  • Multiple versions available: 3 blade version, 5-blade version, with cone or single-phase fans

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