Multifan Recirculation Basket Fan

Multifan Recirculation Basket Fan


The extensive range of Recirculation Basket Fans from Vostermans Ventilation is suitable for a large number of applications. In factories, for instance, an optimal distribution of air absolutely necessary. The temperature in factory halls can increase fairly quickly in the summer months. This has direct consequences for productivity and working conditions. Solutions for cooling the air in factory halls are often too expensive or technically not feasible.
The Multifan Recirculation Basket Fans combine air circulation and air extraction to ensure a pleasant work environment and to eliminate ‘heat stress’. Recirculation Basket Fans provide a constant supply of cool air. In addition, the air is circulated throughout the building, which means that blind areas are avoided. This keeps the air supply in the building stable.
The Recirculation Basket Fans from Vostermans Ventilation are in many cases an ideal situation. Thanks to the variable sizes (from 50 to 130 cm) and the variable capacity (from 7050 to 48000 m3/hour), these fans can be deployed in different building structures and under a variety of circumstances:

  • circulation of cool air to improve the working climate
  • in combination with air extraction fans in order to refresh the air constantly and remove warm air under difficult production circumstances
  • in wet conditions
  • in the case of the aggressive fumes

Under all these circumstances, the Multifan Recirculation Basket Fans have proved that they can function in optimal fashion.


  • high level of air movement (up to 48000 m3/hour at 0 Pa)
  • high throw
  • variable speed
  • simple, user-friendly construction
  • high efficiency
  • low noise level
  • IP55: water-resistant


  • less ‘heat stress’ for employees
  • high level of production
  • improved air circulation and distribution
  • easy to install
  • low maintenance

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