VDL Fittra

VDL Fittra
  • Very easy accessible for day old chicks, improved early growth
  • Absence of grill, no birds caught inside the feedpan
  • Pan design minimizes feed spillage
  • User friendly, centrally adjustable with winching system
  • Easy and efficient cleaning
  • Quick installation due to snap fit connection to feedertube


Very easy accessible:

The only 57 mm high profile of the feedpan gives all the day old chicks easy access to the feed inside the pan, eliminating the need of feedtrays during start up.

Absence of grill:

  • The absence of the grill prevents birds from getting caught inside the feedpan
  • Feedspace design ideal also for heavy birds

Simple control of feeddistribution:

  • Fittra pan centrally adjustable with winching system
  • Individual feedlevel adjustment per feedpan simple and clearly visible
  • Design of the feedpan bottom, edge and six wing feed divider prevent feedspillage
  • Sensor in endpan secures continuous supply of fresh feed
  • Optional feed cut off slide available


  • All materials used are of high quality and durable guaranteeing long life time
  • Drive unit standard equipped with motor protection switch and electronic levelsensor
  • Optional with a special anti swing insert the pan can be fixed to the tube

Easy to clean:

  • The removable feedcone facilitates cleaning of the Fittra pan.
  • The cone can be either removed completely or set in the cleaning position
  • Open pan design simplifies the proper cleaning of the complete pan
  • Smooth surfaces easy to clean with high pressure cleaner
  • Rotating of the feedpan during cleaning with high pressure cleaner makes cleaning easier

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