About us

Vet Line International is a well organized national corporation having roots in all parts of Pakistan in the field of Animal Health. The company operates its head office from the pearl city of the country “Lahore” which leads to an easy access of the market in the entire country. Vet Line International is the very well recognized Pharmaceutical Company that has its major roots in Animal Health products i.e. Antibiotics, Nutritional, Disinfectants, Feed additives and Biological.

Over many years VET LINE International itself has developed the name in the Pharmaceutical industry as the leading player through its innovative, progressive and environment friendly range of products and well equipped marketing team in the country. The success that the company enjoys today is the outgrowth of the constant struggle, effort and vision that was paved by the strong national and international binding in the field of Research and Development, technology, quality which is supported by the very well equipped team of visionary young professionals.

VET LINE International with its “Complete Range of Animal Health Products” plays a vital role in its capacity in development and progression of the economy of the country.

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