list of Poultry Product

Poultry Products

Vetline international provides a wide range of poultry Products in Pakistan. These products helps in Poultry farming in Pakistan. As  Products includes Vaccines, Medicines, Nutraceuticals  and equipment which are essential for better healthcare of animals. Our main purpose is to assure health of animals, as they are really important for production. 

Poultry farming in pakistan

 Products require for every poultry farming company in Pakistan who wants better quality and production. As health plays vital role in productivity. Poultry farming in Pakistan requires different products and Vetline international covers all possible aspects to provide you with your needs. There are different types of vaccines, medicines and nutraceutical range used in farming :
live vaccine
killed vaccine
oral powder

in our list of product, u can find best international companies range as we deal with them to provide you with not only quantity but also quality. Our range of broiler feeders equipment includes vdl fittra and multi